Jul 13, 2018

American Water Donations to Water For People Charity Surpass $2 Million

$200,000 were raised through the program this past month

American Water has announced it has raised over $2 million over the past ten years through its Water For People program

The water utility company American Water has announced that it, along with its employees, has raised more than $2 million over the last ten years for Water For People. Water For People is a nonprofit organization geared towards improving access and quality of water and sanitation systems in developing countries.

This past month alone saw the organization raise $200,000. Its volunteers were able to accomplish this through a variety of methods, including sports games, silent auctions, cookouts and bake sales. Beyond this, American Water also will sponsor a scientist within the company, Jamie Gough of its Belleville Lab in Illinois. Through this sponsorship, Gough will embark on a one-week tour of Peru in order to offer water-stressed communities a look at different sustainable water and sanitation projects that can improve the livelihood of individuals as it pertains to water.

“I cannot underestimate Water For People’s tremendous work throughout much of the developing world in securing quality water and health resources for those who strongly and urgently need it,” said Deb Degillio, senior vice president of American Water’s Eastern Division. “Water For People’s mission echoes American Water’s commitment to building a world where all people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation.”

The Water For People program is a part of American Water’s Corporate Responsibility program geared towards offering positive improvements to the various communities that it services.