Sep 19, 2012

San Diego Water Purification Demonstration Project Receives 2012 Small Project of the Year

Project aims to provide safe & reliable water for San Diego’s future

San Diego Public Utilities Department Water Purification Demonstration Project

The WateReuse Assn. honored the city of San Diego’s Water Purification Demonstration Project with the 2012 WateReuse Small Project of the Year Award at its 27th Annual Symposium in Florida.

Since the Demonstration Project began in 2009, the city’s Public Utilities Department has been examining the use of water purification technology to potentially provide safe and reliable water for San Diego’s future. This comprehensive pilot program includes operating a test facility, studying the impact of adding purified water to San Vicente Reservoir, completing a cost and energy analysis and conducting a public outreach and education program to inform San Diegans about the science of water purification.

“The Demonstration Project is playing an important role in determining whether purified water can be a viable option for supplementing San Diego’s limited water supplies,” said Roger Bailey, director of the city’s Public Utilities Department.  “We are truly honored to be recognized for our ongoing work in exploring new water supply solutions for San Diego.”

The award provides industry recognition for successful small (less than 5 million gal per day capacity) projects that have made significant contributions to advancing water reuse. The city of San Diego Public Utilities Department is receiving this award for its continued dedication to water reuse and its successful implementation of the Water Purification Demonstration Project.