Sales of Cartridges to Reach an Annual Level of $14 Billion by 2009

Cartridges used for filtering liquids represent a $10.8 billion market now, but by 2009 sales will reach an annual level of $14.2 billion, according to the McIlvaine report, Cartridge Filters: World Markets. This online report is continuously updated so forecasts always include consideration of the latest developments.
The present market is segmented into various industry and product categories. These can be aggregated to display three big market sectors:
Application Sales 2005 ($ Millions)
Commercial/Institutional 2,900
Residential 3,200
Industrial 4,700
Total 10,800
The market forecasts have been segmented into the following cartridge types:
Equipment Analyses
- Carbon
- Membranes
- Metal
- Non-woven
- String-wound
Carbon is the largest category. The biggest markets for carbon cartridges are in residential and commercial/institutional applications.
By 2008 the market for membrane cartridges in the U.S. will be over $900 million per year. This will be three times larger than the market in any other country. The strong pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. is the reason for the U.S. leadership.
The market has been further segmented into 80 countries and sub-regions. China is one of the largest and fastest growing markets. Cartridges are widely used in China for purifying water and process fluids. The residential, chemical and pharmaceutical segments are substantial. China is also a major exporter in this category.
The industrial applications in each country are segmented into 14 categories:
Industry Analyses
- Municipal Water
- Chemical Industry
- Drinking Water
- Pharmaceuticals
- Food
- Electronics
- Oil & Gas
- Refineries
- Semiconductor
- Municipal Wastewater
- Metals
- Healthcare
- Power
- Other Industries
The pharmaceutical sector is the largest followed by healthcare, food and electronics.
Separate forecasts are provided for commercial point-of-entry and commercial point-of-use filters. There are also forecasts of residential point-of-use and residential point-of-entry cartridges.
Residential point-of-use filters, which include the counter top and refrigerator designs, is by far the largest single segment with present sales of $2.9 billion and projected 2009 sales of $3.7 billion.

McIlvaine Co.

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