Jan 29, 2018

Israel Making Long-Term Plans to Avoid Water Crisis

Water shortage nearing despite decent rains

Israel implementing long-term measures to avoid water crisis

Following several years of droughts, Israel is taking significant measures towards preventing a long-term water crisis. The Israel Water Authority announced a partnership with the government water company Mekorot to invest $2.2 billion through 2050.

It remains to be seen whether 2018 will be designated another drought year for Israel, but the long-term planning is moving forward, regardless. Water levels in Lake Kinneret, Israel’s biggest water source, have been consistently dropping over past years.

“The Kinneret will never go back to what it was, and in 20 years it won’t be there at all, it’ll be a swamp,” said a figure closely involved with the Israelian planning process.

New planning being put in place involves sourcing new water. This includes drilling to take water from aquifers, new desalination plants and upgrading existing wells.