May 09, 2018

Firefighters Save Stranded Dog at Wastewater Treatment Plant

The dog was trapped for approximately 90 minutes

A stranded dog was rescued at a Colorado water treatment plant

A stranded dog was successfully rescued from the muck of the Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pueblo West, Colo., on May 8, 2018. The dog is believed to have been trapped in the muck of the treatment plant for approximately 90 minutes before being discovered by plant workers.

Pueblo West firefighters were subsequently notified of the stranded dog, who were able to successfully rescue the 2-year-old English mastiff, Gidget. Gidget was heard barking for help by Tony Campbell, a plant worker, at the edge of an aeration pond.

Because nothing can float in the wastewater during the aeration step in the treatment process, Campbell could not safely attempt to save the dog himself. Instead, firefighters were able to work together, lowering a ladder down to Gidget in order to bring her to safety.

After rescue, Gidget was turned over to Pueblo Animal Services, receiving a thorough cleaning before being returned safely to her owners.