RJN Group Selected for Master Services Agreement with City of Batavia, Ill.

RJN will assist in SSES planning, GIS improvements & I/I mitigation

The city of Batavia, Ill., authorized RJN Group Inc. to provide field inspection and engineering services for the repair and rehabilitation of the city’s sanitary sewer infrastructure in an effort to reduce inflow and infiltration (I/I).  The initial project is comprised of targeted manhole rehabilitation, development of a multi-year sanitary sewer evaluation study (SSES) program and integration and improvements to the city’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

For the manhole rehabilitation program, RJN field technicians performed surface manhole inspections on select manholes to verify repairs needed.  RJN engineers then analyzed the inspection data and developed a construction bid package for the city.  In addition, RJN is providing bidding and construction inspection services for the project.

This is the initial project in the start of a long-term Master Services Agreement relationship between Batavia and RJN for assistance in SSES planning, GIS improvements and I/I mitigation and reduction program management.

RJN Group

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