RJN Group Provides Design-Build Services for Missouri Town

Project to increase public sewer pipe size

The city of Arnold, Mo., has decided to give the design-build delivery method a chance. Their first venture into design-build will be with RJN Group Inc. (RJN) and Kozeny-Wagner providing services for the Sanitary Sewer Design-Build Project.

The project will increase the current public sewer pipe size exiting the Metal Container Corporation (MCC) can plant. The project includes the sewer line that runs from Tenbrook Drive just past Haag Road, under railroad tracks and continuing toward Vista Drive. This is being done as part of the MCC expansion project, which will end up adding 100,000 sq ft to the 300,000 sq-ft facility, boosting production and adding jobs.

The city of Arnold is the first community in the St. Louis metropolitan area to utilize the design-build delivery method.  After meeting with other city authorities in the metropolitan area, along with much research done by the city’s Public Works Director, the city decided to move forward. The design-build method will provide the city with benefits including faster schedule, reduced cost, better quality and less administrative burden.

RJN Group

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