May 14, 2012

Water Standard Pilots Technology for Water-Based Enhanced Oil Recovery

Allows producers to customize water quality in real time and optimize enhanced oil recovery

Water Standard has successfully initiated a pilot project that confirms the performance of its H2Ocean Spectrum Technology for water-based enhanced oil recovery (EOR) both on and offshore. The H2Ocean Spectrum Technology allows producers to customize water quality in real time to further optimize EOR performance once in the field and meet challenging water requirements.

“We are excited with the progress and results of the H2Ocean Spectrum technology pilot,” said Amanda Brock, CEO of Water Standard. “We are able to closely control hardness and salinity in treated water – even focusing on selective ion removal – to match the reservoir's geochemistry within strict requirements prescribed by the oilfield production chemists. By optimizing compatibility of the water used in chemical EOR applications with reservoir geochemistry, it is possible to increase an oil well's yield by 5 to 15 percent while significantly reducing the use of oilfield chemicals."

The significance of water quality in EOR waterfloods is emerging as a critical element in EOR projects globally. Encouraged by laboratory tests and field studies demonstrating increased hydrocarbon recovery by using customized injection water in low-salinity water or chemical floods, oil and gas operators from around the world are visiting Water Standard’s pilot facility to learn about the technology's capabilities.

Water Standard is also piloting and evaluating a new generation of experimental and commercial reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane technologies.

Water Standard is working with several oil producers to develop a targeted approach to meet their unique water treatment requirements. “It's no longer simply a matter of desalinating seawater, it's necessary for us to work with the oil companies to understand the entire production process so that we can develop a system that can be fine-tuned to meet a specific project goal," said Brock.