Koch Releases 'The MegaMagnum Story' DVD

DVD reveals the story behind the world’s highest capacity spiral RO element

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membrane elements and systems, announces The MegaMagnun Story, a new 17-minute DVD featuring the world’s highest capacity spiral RO/NF element. With an unprecedented 18-in. diameter and 61-in. length, this major development in water treatment system design delivers an array of benefits that reduce the cost of providing high quality water.

The video begins with a detailed introduction from David Koch, president of KMS. Koch explains the philosophy of KMS and takes the viewer back through the history of RO element design and the economies of scale that led to the MegaMagnum element development.

The unique design features of the MegaMagnum element that make it easy to load and unload from the pressure vessel are shown and explained to the viewer using 3D animation, and the loading and unloading of elements is shown on a full scale system.

Ease of installation is just one of the features of The MegaMagnum Story. The savings in building costs due to the much smaller footprint of an RO system based on MegaMagnum elements are substantial in comparison to conventional 8-inch technology. The video clearly shows the savings with a MegaMagnum system compared to an 8-inch standard element plant of the same capacity.

The MegaMagnum Story was produced for KMS by David H. Paul Inc.

"We were excited to produce this multimedia piece for KMS, especially since so much of what we videotaped and animated was state-of-the-art for this 18-inch x 61-inch element, like the automatic element rolling equipment, robotic gluing, the unique and easy element loading system, and the pressure vessels!" said David Paul, president of David H. Paul Inc.


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