Jun 16, 2008

Recession-Proof Selling

Are you betting your organization’s bottom line on the economy turning around? Or better yet, are you placing your financial future in the hands of your sales team, counting on their ability to produce in an uncertain economic environment? Do you have a method or internal system under which you can measure and track your sales team?

It may help to place your sales team into a corporate Sales System that is made up of objective and consistent sales criteria. This system is designed to hand you control over the direction and profitability of your company. Without objective sales criteria and a uniform system of selling, your company’s financial future is in the hands of sales people, most of whom view sales opportunities and engagements through rose colored glasses.

This wing-it approach puts owners, presidents and those in sales management at a distinct disadvantage—it leaves you counting up the dollars each month in hopes that you simply meet quota!