Jul 30, 2008

RAPTOR Directional Mixing & Aeration System Now Available

System from Philadelphia Mixing Solutions simultaneously aerates and mixes wastewater

The RAPTOR directional mixing and aeration system from Philadelphia Mixing Solutions is now available for applications in the water and wastewater treatment industry. Engineered for years of reliable, trouble-free performance, the RAPTOR reduces energy and maintenance costs while improving water quality in industrial and municipal lagoons and basins.

By simultaneously aerating and mixing wastewater, the RAPTOR directional aerator improves oxygenation by creating a circular flow pattern within the basin or lagoon. This controls deposition and reduces foam development. The RAPTOR directional aerator’s unique propeller design pushes fluid over its diffuser, maximizing power consumption while ensuring uniformity of fluid acceleration. By generating bubbles less than 2.2 mm in size, the filter creates a higher surface-area-per-unit volume, resulting in significantly improved oxygen transfer.

The RAPTOR directional aerator operates in both nitrification and denitrification modes. It is also available in floating and fixed configurations to maximize users’ investments and comply with specific needs.