Rainwater System and Rattenbury Engineering Merge to Form New Firm

David Crawford, president and founder of Rainwater System, Inc., recently announced the company's merger with the engineering firm Rattenbury Engineering, LLC.
John M. Rattenbury, who formed Rattenbury Engineering LLC in December 2001 and over the years worked with Rainwater System on rainwater and storm water management projects, will now serve as vice president of engineering.
The alliance between these two firms—now renamed Rainwater Management Solutions (RMS)—makes it the only American firm that offers siphonic roof drainage for rainwater harvesting systems.
Founded in October 2000, Rainwater System Inc. grew out of the ever-increasing cost and demand on natural water resources. Today it has evolved into a professional services firm specializing in providing turnkey solutions for rainwater and storm water management—from design, consulting and engineering to providing products such as siphonic drains, tanks, filters and pumps that make rainwater accessible for residential or commercial use.
RMS works with organizations and individuals who utilize Best Management Practices in the development of commercial properties and residential housing developments. This includes key decision-makers in development firms as well as engineering and architectural firms working in this market segment.
The company also works with the agricultural community to develop solutions to eradicate non-point source pollution, organizations and individuals involved in water conservation and sustainability, and storm water watershed management, especially those in the green-building market, and state and municipal commissions and authorities who incorporate the Low Impact Development approach for storm water management.

Rainwater Management Solutions

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