Jun 03, 2008

Radenska Naturelle Water Receives NSF Certification

Radenska is the first company in the Republic of Slovenia to earn NSF Certification

NSF Intl. has announced that Radenska's Naturelle Water, one of the largest bottled water providers in the Balkan Region, has been certified by NSF's Beverage Quality Program. Following NSF Certification, Radenska Naturelle was designated the official water of the current Slovenian presidency of the European Union.

"When we launched our new noncarbonated natural mineral water Radenska Naturelle – the official water of the Slovenian Presidency of the EU – it was important for us to demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety by obtaining NSF Certification,” said Mag. Tomaž Blagotinšek, director for Radenska. “Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registrations further attest to this commitment.”

As the “official water,” Radenska bottles are served by the host country at every official gathering, meeting and reception of the European Union, attended by ministers and officials of all European member states. Radenska plc. is a world-renowned company with a long tradition of bottled water production, using its brand name Radenska perched on three red hearts (Radenska Tri srca).

To become certified, Radenska's water, which is exported throughout Europe, Canada and Australia, was tested to ensure compliance with NSF Certification requirements and audited to ensure its facilities meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) requirements. To demonstrate certification, every bottle of Radenska's Naturelle Water will bear the NSF Certification Mark on its label. Ongoing testing and annual unannounced audits will ensure continued compliance and allow continuous use of the NSF Mark.

“Radenska is setting the example for other bottlers in the Balkan Region and throughout Eastern Europe to follow,” said Nancy Culotta, NSF vice president. “When consumers see the NSF Mark on Radenska's bottle, they can rest assured that Radenska's water has met the industry's highest quality and safety standards.”