Aug 03, 2007

Pure H2O Bio-Technologies Announces New Patent Issuance

Pure H2O Bio-Technologies, Inc. has announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office, issued U.S. Patent Number 7,250,111 for the company's invention entitled, "Potable Water Delivery System with Disinfection and Residual Discharge Unit and Method". The company received notice of the issuance from Fleit, Kain, Gibbons & Gutman, P.L., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

"This is excellent news for our company and its shareholders," said Joseph P. Doxey, president and CEO, Pure H2O Bio-Technologies, Inc. "It's a major step forward and gives well deserved recognition to the company's valuable professional team."

The new patent/invention relates to an engineered Silver TTO(TM) or halogen-disinfection water treatment system that controls the release of the disinfectant and its delivery, a method of generating safe potable drinking water. The PRHN point-of-entry water treatment systems provide another layer of protection for individual homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and healthcare facilities in the event that municipal systems become contaminated with chlorine-resistant etiological agents. Historically, the concern has been to deliver a specific disinfectant such as Silver TTO(TM) or Iodine in a manner that does not present a residual in treated potable water supplies.

The patent claims a new water treatment option based on a system designed with both pre-and post-absolute carbon filtration used in combination with direct Silver TTO(TM) or crystal iodine contact for disinfection. Moreover, the PRHN system is designed not to release detectable residual Silver TTO(TM) or Iodine into the disinfected water supplies. Both the Silver TTO(TM) or iodine concentration and the contact time can be controlled independently of pH, and have demonstrated laboratory effective kill rates to a level of log 8 against microbial agents, as PRHN's test results confirm.