Aug 13, 2007

Pure H20 to Tap into Multi-Billion Dollar Residential Water Treatment Market

Pure H2O, Inc. announced that it has initiated the development of a residential under sink water treatment unit. The inherent science of the unit will stay consistent with the larger agricultural unit that Pure has been having immense success with.

In a recent study by the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Fund), using 1000 bottles of water, which included 103 different kinds of bottled water; one third of the water tested contained synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria and certain levels of arsenic. Some government and industry reports estimate that 40% of bottled water is simply tap water. "If you are going to buy tap water from your local grocery store you may as well treat it at home and know that is clean." stated Harvey Panesar, secretary of Pure H2O Inc.

"We feel residential commercialization of our H2Pur and Nano air technologies is a logical progression from our more agricultural applications,” stated Panesar. “This allows us to enter a very broad marketplace, whereas our agricultural products are targeted to a specific sector.” The company research and development consultants feel the first working prototype is less than six months away. "We need to have all angles covered and ensure that the contaminants are being filtered. It is a very labor intensive process but one that will ensure the quality of our new residential product," stated Elise Vajsabel, president Pure H2O Inc.