Apr 30, 2012

Showing Appreciation

Elizabeth Lisican, managing editor

April 10 is Pump Appreciation Day—well, according to one pump manufacturer, anyway, which planned the first-ever global appreciation day of all things pump. The day celebrates pumps in a variety of settings—from wastewater to medical—honoring the device as the heart of industry.

For those of us primarily concerned with moving water, this new “holiday” is a chance to honor and appreciate, first and foremost, the people in the water and wastewater industry behind every working pump, working to specify, operate and maintain them. It also is a chance to marvel at how far the industry has come in terms of energy efficiency and the variety of options available out there to fit the needs of different applications.

This issue celebrates the award-winning performances of several diverse pumping technologies. We include a piece on energy-efficient pumps, as well as a demonstration of how variable-frequency drives powered a utility’s strategic water management plan.

We also address how an idyllic city’s leaching septic tanks threatened its lifeblood waterway and how a pressure sewer system and grinder pumps ultimately alleviated the issue. “Modernize” is indeed an important industry buzzword today, and it complements the need to stay environmentally friendly with each upgrade. Project managers must also be sure to stay within budget.

That’s a lot of pressure.

Therefore, education is key for staying innovative, followed by applying that knowledge in order to think outside the box and move the industry forward. Finally, it is paramount to recognize the applications that worked out especially well, and stay tuned in to the industry to ensure we never miss a beat.

Speaking of recognition, some of you may recognize me as the managing editor of Water & Wastes Digest and face of Industrial Water & Wastes Digest. I’ll also be the new face of Pump Source—to be published twice this year—and, along with the rest of the editorial staff,
 I look forward to delivering the latest pump-related news to help you stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

About the author

Elizabeth Lisican is managing editor for Pump Source. Lisican can be reached at [email protected] or 847.391.1012.