PumpScout Partners with Granco Pump

Granco's rotary positive displacement ball pump is now featured on PumpScout.com

PumpScout announced its strategic partnership with Granco Pump. The company, based in California, manufacturers rotary positive displacement ball type pumps for applications in the petroleum, industrial, specialty chemical and food products industries.

“PumpScout is a great way to introduce Granco to a myriad of potential pump buyers,” says Ivan Dimcheff, president of Granco Mfg. Inc. “Each PumpScout inquiry has provided us with accurate data regarding the pump specifications so we can quickly send the customer an accurate quotation for his application. This is a great resource for pump companies and their distributors to expand their customer base and increase revenues.”

Granco was founded by Edwin Grandburg, who designed and developed the rotary positive displacement pump that the company still sells today. The pumps are manufactured in the U.S. and installed all around the world.

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