Jun 08, 2016

Pumps Offer Low Life-Cycle Costs

Products are designed for easy installation & maintenance

Seepex’s Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) is an award-winning progressive cavity (PC) pump design that offers radically reduced maintenance times and low life-cycle costs. The design involves a stator comprised of two elastomer halves covered by four metal segments that are easily removed to access internals and service the pump. The segments’ bolts can be tightened multiple times to boost flow, compensating for elastomer wear and achieving required pressure, leading to high energy efficiency and extended part use.

The SCT PC pump’s rotor is specially engineered and manufactured in two pieces: the rotor head and the rotor geometry. This allows the rotor geometry—the portion of the part that wears—to be replaced quickly without disrupting the universal joint connecting to the power train, saving maintenance time and cost. The pumps also do not need to be removed from suction or discharge piping for service, and one individual can work on them without the need for special tools.

SCT PC pumps handle conveying capacities up to 500 gpm and pressures up to 120 psi, and they are used in a wide variety of applications in nearly every industry. They are an easy, cost-effective, drop-in solution for pump replacement.

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