May 25, 2016

Metering Pumps Offer Smooth Output

The pump is ideal for water treatment applications

The MacRoy Series metering pump is designed for reliability and value in water treatment applications. Capable of handling pressures up to 175 psi and flow rates up to 310 gal/hr, it combines heavy-duty industrial drive technology with modern design and manufacturing processes. 

The MacRoy pump features a variable eccentric drive that ensures smooth output and reduces system shock. Its mechanically actuated diaphragm reduces the possibility of hydraulic oil contamination of process liquid, while the corrosion-resistant plastic or aluminum housing is designed to withstand tough environments. This pump requires minimal maintenance and can accurately inject chemicals such as ferric chloride, aluminum sulfate, polymers, alkalis, sodium hydroxide, acids and anti-scaling and anti-foaming agents for coagulation/flocculation, slurry treatment, pH control and adjustment and desalination.

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