Nov 09, 2021

FLEXFLO® M4 Precisely Doses Gaseous Chemical

FLEXFLO® M4 Precisely Doses Gaseous Chemical

The low shearing pumping action of the New FLEXFLO M4 Peristaltic dosing pump allow it to gently and precisely pump chemicals that off gas, including PAA (Peracetic Acid) and Sodium Hypochlorite, with no vapor lock and no lost prime.

The advanced technological features of the M4 Peristaltic include a highly responsive and intuitive 5” display screen which can be easily operated even when wearing work gloves.

In addition to legacy communications such as 4-20mA, the M4 offers advanced communication protocols including Profibus, Modbus TCP and Ethernet IP. Further, the thoughtful design of the M4 includes firmware that can be field updated as technology advances.

M4 saves time and money with easy to attach M12 connectors for fast, clean, and watertight connections. The pump features built-in tube failure detection and requires very little maintenance.

FLEXFLO M4 has 10,000:1 turndown ratio, NEMA 4X (IP66) wash-down, and a 5-year warranty.

M4 Peristaltic Metering Pump - Blue-White Industries


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