Jun 03, 2021

NEW FLEXFLO® M1 Peristaltic Chemical Feed Pump

NEW FLEXFLO® M1 Peristaltic Chemical Feed Pump

Precision Chemical Dosing doesn’t have to complicated or costly. Standardize on One Chemical Feed Solution with the FLEXFLO® M1 Peristaltic Dosing Pump and get the features and functions you want, plus simple ordering, quick install and ease of operation.

The self-priming M1 delivers smooth, consistent chemical dosing with no danger of vapor lock or loss of prime. FLEXFLO® M1 has a high energy efficiency rating. The pump achieves a 10,000:1 turndown ratio and is powered by efficient BLDC motor technology. SCADA Inputs include: 4-20mA.

A sealed enclosure and a display shield protect the pump’s easy to operate controls from chemical spills and splashes.

FLEXFLO® M1 has a chemical feed output range of: .0001 – 5.6 GPH (.0004 – 21.2 LPH), pressures to 100 PSI (6.89 Bar). Each pump is rigorously tested prior to shipment and is backed by a three-year warranty.

NSF STD61, ETL, and CE listed. NEMA 4X / IP66. Blue-White is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.


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