Dec 28, 2016

Flygt Concertor Wins Three International Awards

Events in Denmark, Italy & Spain recognize pumping system

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Xylem Inc. announced that its new wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence, Flygt Concertor, has been awarded three international innovation awards. The system, which was launched in May 2016, was awarded the Most Innovative and Ground Breaking Product award at the VandTek Fair in Denmark, the Best Product award at the Accadueo International Exhibition in Italy, and the Best Product award at the iWater International Integrated Water Cycle Show in Spain.

Flygt Concertor is a smart, interconnected wastewater pumping system that senses the operating conditions of its environment, adapts its performance in real time and provides feedback to pumping station operators. Its intelligent control system combines IE4 motor efficiency, N-hydraulics and integrated power electronics, resulting in an optimal pumping performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

At the VandTek Fair in Denmark, Flygt Concertor was honored with the Most Innovative and Ground Breaking Product award for its design and energy efficiency. It was announced the overall winner out of a total of 72 products.

“We are extremely pleased to have received recognition for Flygt Concertor by an independent panel. Flygt Concertor has the potential to revolutionize the wastewater industry, offering sustainable, unparalleled pumping efficiency and reliability,” said Managing Director for Xylem Water Solutions Denmark Tim Rindsig.

Xylem’s new system also was honored with the title of ‘Best Product’ during an innovation showcase at the Accadueo International Exhibition in Italy. The showcase featured new products, inventions and functional innovations, which were individually selected by a specialist committee of industry experts.

“We are proud to have been selected amongst 144 entrants for the prize of the best innovative product with integrated intelligence,” said Stefano Sampaolo, managing director for Xylem Water Solutions Italy.

Flygt Concertor also was recognized at the iWater International Integrated Water Cycle Show at Barcelona, one of Europe’s most important trade fair institutions. The iWater awards acknowledge the best initiatives of the year in the water and wastewater industry, with a focus on innovation and technology used to solve water stress. Flygt Concertor won the Best Product award and was acknowledged for being the first wastewater pumping system in the world with integrated intelligence.

Fields tests conducted around the world validated significant improvements with Flygt Concertor, including:

  • Energy savings of up to 70%;
  • Reduced inventory by up to 80% due to flexible performance;
  • Clog-free pumping operation and clean wet wells, saving up to 80% in vacuum cleaning costs; and
  • Compact design, reducing cabinet size by up to 50%.