Dec 12, 2017

Chicago Department of Water Management Reveal Converted Springfield Avenue Pump Station

The pumping station has converted from steam to electrical power

Chicago converts Springfield Avenue pumping station to electrical power

Along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Department of Water Managment (DWM) have revealed an altered Springfield Avenue Pump Station which has converted from steam power to electrical power.

The power source change will reportedly reduce carbon emissions by roughly 70% and will optimize system stability, all while being more cost-effective.

The city of Chicago has estimated savings of $4.5 million annually due to the operational alterations made to the station.

The plant conversion is a part of a larger effort undertaken by the city reduce carbon emissions in alignment with its Paris Agreement goals. Emanuel claims Chicago has cut emissions by 11% from 2005 to 2015. The new conversion at the Springfield Station specifically will reduce carbon emissions by 17,000 tons each year.

Beyond the power sourcing conversion, the project also installed new solar panels, permeable pavers, an underground retention basin and a green roof.

Three more pump stations will receive conversions similar to the Springfield Station as a part of the Mayor’s Building a New Chicago infrastructure improvement plan.