Apr 02, 2004

WERF Seeks Grant Applications for Water Quality Research

The WERF Endowment for Innovation in Applied Water Quality Research is accepting applications for the Paul L. Busch Award, which carries with it a $100,000 research grant for researchers to continue their work, take risks and explore new directions and benefits. Applications must be received by June 1, 2004.

Each year, the WERF Endowment presents the Paul L. Busch Award to recognize an outstanding and innovative individual or team who is conducting ground-breaking research that will lead to practical solutions to water quality problems. The award seeks to distinguish rising stars in scientific and engineering research in the fields of water quality and the water environment.

"These young, talented individuals [that have won in the past] have contributed a great deal to the advancement of the water quality industry," said Glenn Reinhardt, executive director of WERF. "That kind of achievement is exactly what the Paul Busch Award seeks to recognize."

For more on the award, go to www.werf.org/Funding/endowment.cfm.