Poll Shows Americans Seek Infrastructure Improvements

The Value of Water Campaign commissioned the poll

Value of Water Campaign releases poll results for Infrastructure Week

The Value of Water Campaign released results to a new poll. Commissioned by the Value of Water Campaign, the poll found that more than any other issue, Americans want Congress and the Trump Administration to prioritize infrastructure.

A resounding 67% of respondents said rebuilding America's infrastructure should be an extremely or very important focus, substantially more support than every other issue tested. The poll also found that 82% of Americans said rebuilding water systems specifically was extremely or very important.

Radhika Fox, executive director of the Value of Water Campaign and the CEO of the US Water Alliance, said: "We are proud to be on the steering committee for Infrastructure Week again, and encouraged by the increased public awareness that investing in all types of infrastructure absolutely must be a priority for our policymakers. And thanks to our campaign supporters, there are events happening in communities across the country this week to pull back the curtain on often out-of-sight drinking water and wastewater systems so the public can better appreciate why those pipes, plants, and pumps are worthy of investment."

Value of Water Campaign

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