Feb 08, 2018

Niagara Falls Water Board Attempts to Raise Infrastructure Awareness

The city has seen several overflows and discharges in recent months

Niagara Falls Water Board will attempt to raise water infrastructure awareness

Following recent events which has seen the city of Niagara Falls, N.Y., subject to multiple overflows and discharges due to storm runoff, the Niagara Falls Water Board has announced plans to raise community awareness in order to raise necessary funds for long-term and large-scale infrastructure improvements. The project hopes not just to aid Niagara Falls, but also to provide support for the entire Great Lakes region.

This new effort will be called the Wastewater Investment Initiative (WIN). This new project also comes in the wake of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announcement of $20 million being put towards wastewater infrastructure in Niagara Falls.

According to Water Board spokesman Matt Davison, smart and efficient spunding of the funds will be necessary in order to maximize the effect of this new initiative.

“We don’t want to just see money thrown at the problem and spent wildly. We want to see it spent very strategically, so we can improve what’s happening at that plant, the overall treatment of water, which leads to the more positive environmental outcomes,” Davison said. “I think everybody, from the Niagara Falls Water Board, people of Niagara Falls and certainly the residents of this state want to see it happen.”

Details of the initiative include tours for elected officials, who may provide further funding for various projects, as well as an active social media approach that will enable citizens to follow significant developments on different projects.