Dec 28, 2000

Proposed 2001 EPA Budget Contains Largest-ever Increase to

Administrator Carol M. Browner announced President Clinton's proposed Fiscal
Year 2001 budget of $7.3 billion for the United States Environmental Protection
Agency and $2.2 billion for the Better America Bonds program. The budget is the
largest increase in the history of the Clinton/Gore Administration in spending
for EPA's essential operations to provide cleaner water, cleaner air, and safer

The President's budget ensures that seven years of unprecedented environmental
progress under his administration continues into the future, providing improved
protection of public health and the environment for all Americans and their

The budget provides $784 million for President Clinton's Clean Water Action
Plan, designed to finish the job of cleaning up America's waters. These funds
will ensure that federal agencies, states, tribes, and local communities can
work together to improve access to environmental information, enhance natural
resource stewardship, protect public health and restore the full use of
America's lakes, rivers and bays.

Included in the funding for the Clean Water Action Plan, the Clinton-Gore
Administration is proposing the following new investments for FY 2001:

*Restoring Our Nation's Great Lakes.
The Clinton-Gore Administration will invest $50 million in a new initiative to
protect and improve one of our country's greatest natural resources -- the
Great Lakes.

*Cleaning Waters Across America.
Stepping up efforts to identify and restore polluted waterways, the President's
budget is providing an additional $45 million in state grants for a new
initiative aimed at waterways still in need of improvements.

*Addressing the Greatest Threat To Water Quality.
The President's budget includes new and additional funding options to protect
our lakes, rivers and bays from polluted runoff -- the largest remaining threat
to our nation's water quality.

However, many experts believe the plan will face significant opposition from a
Republican controlled Congress determined not to give Vice President Al Gore an
environmental victory going into the November presidential elections.

(Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)