Nov 18, 2010

Prodex Introduces Formula for Improving Microbial Populations

BAE can enhance microbial activity in aerobic and anaerobic environments

The Prodex division of JSH international (JSHi), a global bio-environmental company, introduced Biological Activity Enhancer (BAE), a proprietary liquid organic formula. As proven through scientific studies and real world application, this material boosts renewable energy production and improves plant operational efficiency, reducing a plant’s carbon footprint. According to JSHi, BAE is like a powerful energy drink for existing microbial populations, improving sludge settling, replacing common chemicals, producing cleaner effluent and increasing methane gas production.

Derived from a natural peat extraction process, BAE has the ability to increase existing microbial populations and enhance their activity in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. This low-cost organic liquid provides operators an alternative to costly system upgrades and reduces operating costs, while complementing environmental initiatives.

By biologically enhancing the anaerobic digestion process, BAE helps operators take full advantage of this energy source. The Landis Sewerage Authority (SA) in New Jersey used BAE to achieve a 28% increase in methane gas production from its anaerobic digesters, providing a significant savings in electrical and heating costs. The Landis SA recently was honored with the 2010 Energy Star Combined Heat & Power Award, presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

In activated sludge systems, BAE can result in cleaner effluent, improved dewatering of sludge and proven energy and chemical cost savings. According to JSHi, the Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority in Cinnaminson, N.J., saves more than $100,000 annually in operating and sludge hauling costs as a result of BAE. Furthermore, an additional 125 lb per day, or 46,000 lb annually, are removed from the treated water prior to entering the Delaware River.