Probiotic Solutions Announces Cost-Effective Treatment Products to Help Municipalities Save

Products offer a cost-effective alternative to building bigger plants or dredging

With the challenges of the current down economy and the need to save money, Probiotic Solutions says its cost-effective, environmentally friendly process for treating wastewater will pique the interest of environmental engineers and municipalities nationwide.

The company claims its product line can treat wastewater for as little as one-tenth the cost of the engineered solutions, such as building a bigger, better plant or dredging.

Using micro-carbon technology as its base material, the company's process adds a biostimulant that not only affects the chemistry of the water but also affects the colonization and diversity of the microbial population within the water column.

According to the company, this allows the water column to have a better carrying capacity for the load that it’s given, and thus the treatment is more efficient and cost effective than the millions spent by municipalities nationwide for facility upgrades.

For example, the city of Ithica, N.Y., is planning a $20 million reconstruction of the city's water treatment plant. The New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection has given its blessing to Middletown’s plan to dredge a portion of its Shadow Lake, a $2.7 million project. And in Towson, Md., the city recently announced the completion of the $4.7 million Pleasure Island Dredging and Living Shoreline Enhancement Project.

In these three cases, assuming the bulk of the materials to be removed are volatile, organic waste solids, company representatives say it can or would have saved each of these cities up to $18 million, $2.4 million and $4.2 million respectively.

The company mainly targets wastewater treatment plants with an inefficient solids destruction process. If a plant is already at 100% efficiency, then products do not have the same impact. The company also targets food processing, industrial, petroleum, chemical, rendering, and pulp and paper facilities.

Probiotic Solutions

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