Jun 16, 2008

Proactive Selling Versus Reactive Selling

When asked to list the important steps in completing a successful sales meeting, many sales professionals respond with the following:

  1. To develop trust, rapport and a strong foundation for a long relationship.
  2. To ask the prospect questions and actively listen to determine needs.
  3. To target my features and benefits towards those needs.
  4. To differentiate my company from my competitor's by creating a unique edge.

Unfortunately traditional sales people do certain things, and fail to do others that quickly erode these important factors. Although most sales professionals believe they have some sort of "system" or "selling strategy" to follow during the meeting with a potential client, most in fact are unknowingly following the system used by the prospect and find themselves in "react" or response" mode.

Sales people are unfortunately not most effective at closing deals, or getting through objections, or setting appointments. They are most effective, at what we here at "effective conversion". They unknowingly and very effectively convert decision makers into procrastinators.