Andrew Gordon Joins ThermoEnergy's Strategic Water Advisory Board

Brings expertise in sustainable and clean-water technologies

ThermoEnergy Corp., a diversified technologies company, announced that Andrew Gordon has been appointed to the company's Strategic Water Advisory Board.

Gordon is the founder of four innovative technology companies, including WATER STANDARD Co., where his efforts resulted in 33 issued U.S. and international patents with 25 additional patents pending. WATER STANDARD, with its H2OCEAN product line, is a global water treatment specialist company that provides solutions for the world's growing water needs. WATER STANDARD designs, constructs and operates mobile water treatment systems, which are used to provide flexible water solutions for industries with short-, mid- or long-term water supply needs, primarily for oil & gas, municipal and industrial clients.

"We are delighted to welcome Andrew Gordon as a distinguished member of our Strategic Water Advisory Board," said ThermoEnergy Chairman and CEO Cary Bullock. "Andrew is a visionary entrepreneur and an expert in developing emerging technologies. His extraordinary accomplishments in the development and support of sustainable, clean-water technologies have made a significant contribution to both global industry and the environment. We are confident that his wisdom and experience will make an invaluable contribution to the success of our new Strategic Water Advisory Board."

ThermoEnergy recently established the Strategic Water Advisory Board to identify and quantify markets where advanced wastewater recovery technology could provide maximum environmental benefit and return on investment.



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