California treatment plant uses wastewater gas to fuel garbage trucks

Oct. 5, 2023
Bryan Buchanan and Devin Whittington from the City of Roseville explain how the Pleasant Grove Wastewater Plant generates fuel for the city's solid waste truck fleet.

The City of Roseville, California aligned the missions of its wastewater treatment plant and the solid wastes utility to create a greener future while improving its bottom line. The Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant uses a co-digetion program to generate renewable natural gas that fuels its solid wastes truck fleet.

Bryan Buchanan, wastewater utility manager for the City of Roseville, explains the size and scope of the Pleasant Grove WWTP and its service area. Devin Whittington, assistant director for environmental utilities for the City of Roseville, tell the story of how the wastewater plant came to generate renewable natural gas to fuel its solid wastes fleet.

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  • Plant service area | 00:27
  • Wastewater treatment plant process and flow | 1:24
  • Pleasant Grove WWTP recycled water program | 3:25
  • Renewable natural gas as garbage truck fuel | 4:01
  • Project funding and financing | 6:35
  • Return on investment for renewable fuel | 8:44
  • Additional optimization of plant operations | 9:26
  • Overcoming design and engineering challenges | 10:31
  • What's next for the City of Roseville | 12:03
  • Outro | 13:11

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