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July 28, 2023
Regional San's EchoWater project removes ammonia with biological nutrient removal as the largest California State Revolving Fund project in history at $1.7 billion.

At $1.7 billion over the course of a decade, Regional San's EchoWater project is the largest Clean Water State Revolving Fund project California has ever funded. It is a tertiary and advanced treatment plant that serves 1.6 million people in and around Sacramento, California.

Regional San General Manager Christoph Dobson explains why this project was necessary, what it is like achieving a 10-year capital improvement goal, and how Regional San plans to pave the way for water supply resilience with HarvestWater.

Additional Resources


  • Service area and plant history | 0:37
  • Being a good neighbor | 2:44
  • Treatment process and projects | 3:49
  • Biological nutrient removal's growth in popularity | 5:38
  • Tertiary treatment process lessons learned | 6:36
  • Funding for EchoWater | 7:27
  • Advice for using SRF | 8:27
  • The vision for Harvest Water | 9:50
  • Outro | 13:24

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