Pipeline Flash Reactors Dissolve Chemicals, Gases Into Bulk Flow

The PFR eliminates the need for post-treatment cascading systems or diffuser basins

Mazzei pipeline flash reactor
Mazzei pipeline flash reactor

Mazzei’s pipeline flash reactors (PFR) utilize high velocity mixing to transfer liquid chemicals (NaOCl, ClO2, acid and caustic) and processed gases (CO2, oxygen and ozone) into bulk water flow, all within a compact footprint. With a PFR, any chemical or gas added by sidestream injection transfers into bulk flow within seconds and eliminates the need for additional tanks or basins. Whether handling chlorine or ozone for disinfection or increased dissolved oxygen for wastewater, Mazzei's PFR uniformly distributes gas/chemicals into the water and minimizes the size and cost of contacting.

The pipeline flash reactor is based on an opposing nozzle patent and supported by years of research at leading universities and field installation testing. It delivers transfer performance with proven mass transfer efficiency rates exceeding 95% with little measurable pressure loss across the mixing zone.

Mazzei PFRs are completely fabricated in 316L stainless steel and designed specifically to conform to plant space, flow requirements and dosage. A small sidestream passes through a patented Mazzei injector to draw in liquid chemicals, ambient air, concentrated oxygen or ozone. The aerated sidestream is then delivered to the PFR where it aggressively mixes with the main flow, uniformly transferring the gas/chemical in the effluent pipeline.

Mazzei’s PFR provides the technology to achieve rapid oxygen transfer within a compact footprint and eliminate the need for post-treatment cascading systems or diffuser basins. The PFR eliminates noise, high maintenance costs and downtime as well as the problems that cascade systems have with flooding.

Mazzei PFRs effectively dissolve ozone into solution. When ozone is dissolved into water in the proper amount, it quickly reacts with contaminants and inactivates organisms, leaving behind pure, clean water. By providing high ozone transfer within the raw water pipeline, the PFR reduces size requirements of ozone contacting basins and attains a homogeneous mix of dissolved ozone.

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