Jul 14, 2017

Cloud Technology Enhances Sewer Inspections

SPR Consulting, iPEK partner on stand-alone web app

SPR Consulting, iPEK partner on iPEKloud Portal

Chicago-based IT firm SPR Consulting, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, brought its knowledge of Microsoft cloud and IoT solutions to iPEK/IDEX to help solve the problem of data collection and distribution. Together, they created a robust, scalable, cloud-based, data and on-demand video solution accessed via a stand-alone web app.

Now through the iPEKloud Portal, iPEK’s customers can view sewer cleanings in real time, check on past cleaning videos and view telemetry data collected during inspections. iPEKloud also has an intuitive user interface, requires no training, and is a secure end-to-end solution. By using this platform, iPEK increases the quality of service between contractors, enabling them to view maps, schedule cleaning, store their contact information and process invoices.

In the past, when a city’s water sewer was clogged, an emergency crew was sent to the nearest manhole to put a video camera down the pipe to examine the pipe, clarify if it needed cleaning or repair, and measure where the problem occurred. The video was put on a USB drive and passed around offline between the municipality and the contractor hired to clean and maintain the pipeline. It could take days for the cleaning to actually occur.

The introduction of the iPEKloud is expected to bring cost savings and process benefits to both the users of their cleaning systems (truck operators) and the municipalities the truck operators are contracted to support.