Mar 07, 2018

Isolation Rings Keep Particulates in the Pipe & Out of Pressure Instruments

Optional feature allows instruments to be removed while system is under pressure

Isolation Rings Keep Particulates in the Pipe & Out of Pressure Instruments

When sludge, wastewater and other particulate suspensions come in direct contact with pressure instruments, the instruments likely will clog. Inoperable monitoring devices require maintenance and downtime.

To maintain critical rates of flow and ensure reliable pressure measurement, Ashcroft offers the 80 (wafer), 81 (bolt-through) and 82 (threaded) isolation rings. They install directly into the pipeline so the interior surface of the isolation ring is flush with the inside walls of the piping. The pressurized media will pass smoothly over the ring’s flexible wall, compressing it and forcing a liquid fill to activate the instrument attached to the ring.

With the exclusive patented Safe Quick Release (SQR) option, the gauge, switch or transmitter can safely be removed while the system is under pressure. SQR eliminates the need to shut down the process for maintenance or calibration. A needle valve also is available to smooth the effects of pulsation on the instrument.

Ashcroft isolation rings are provided with either carbon steel or stainless steel flanges and body parts. They are sized for pipes from 2 to 20 in. in diameter. Other variable components include flexible wall materials, fill fluids and connections.

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