Oct 02, 2006

Pionetics Expands Capabilities of Water Treatment Solution

Pionetics, a developer of drinking water treatment products, announced that its LINX Drinking Water System has now been tested and qualified for removal of chlorine and natural organic matter (NOM). LINX uses a patented electrically regenerated ion exchange system to remove impurities without the need for additional filters.
“Clean water is a precious commodity in many parts of the world, and as a result, consumers are seeking ways to deliver safe drinking water to their families in the most efficient way,” said Dr. Gordon Mitchard, Pionetics’ CEO. “LINX is a comprehensive water treatment technology that can provide an extra level of protection via a compact device under conditions that may present a challenge to traditional reverse osmosis (RO) systems.”
LINX uses electrically regenerated ion exchange to remove impurities, including arsenic III and VI, nitrates, nitrites, perchlorate, potassium and 90% of total dissolved solids. Recent testing confirms that the LINX technology also disinfects water by killing up to 99.999% of all microorganisms. Other new capabilities of the product include the removal of up to 90% of chlorine and 80% of NOM without the need for the large carbon filters used by other types of water treatment systems.
The LINX product is about half the size of RO apparatus, but can deliver nearly 10 times the flow rate and so does not require bulky storage tanks that can be a breeding ground for waterborne bacteria. Additionally, the technology works well under low water pressure and does not require a booster pump. With two easy-to-replace cartridges, LINX can produce enough clean drinking water to supply the average kitchen for a year or more.
Another unique feature of the LINX Drinking Water System is its ability to allow users to vary the taste of the water to their liking. The LINX Dial-A-Taste functionality is easy to use, requiring the turn of a dial to adjust the level of dissolved minerals in the water.