Phoenix Seeks to Raise Fees for Water & Wastewater

Phoenix water customers could see a slight hike in their bills if a proposal to increase fees passes.
The Phoenix City Council on Wednesday will review plans to hike water fees by 4% and wastewater fees by 7%. At the same time, the council likely will set a public hearing for Jan. 21, when customers can sound off about the issue.
Under the plan, the average single-family residence would have to pay an extra $1.76 each month, city officials said.
The increase will raise $16 million yearly. The money will help pay for replacing water-treatment plants and aging infrastructure, building new water lines and meeting federal standards, he said.
A five-year capital plan calls for an estimated $830 million in projects, officials said. Last year, customers received a 3% water hike and an 8% wastewater increase to help cover those costs.

The Arizona Republic

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