Oct 14, 2009

Peruvian Treatment Plant Selects ITT Technology

ITT Corp. is enabling a new wastewater treatment plant in Peru to meet its country’s new stringent regulations for the reuse of effluent for agricultural applications.

The plant, located in Peru’s Manchay district near Lima, is scheduled to go online during the fourth quarter of 2009. It will employ a modified sequencing batch reactor process and tertiary filtration to produce enough treated effluent to irrigate 1,000 acres of farmland each day.

“Peru has a critical need for biologically treated wastewater because its supply of extracted freshwater is dwindling, and 80% of that is currently being used for agricultural purposes,” said Anton Callery, treatment process business development manager for Latin American operations within ITT’s Water and Wastewater business. “As a result, the country enacted new regulations in July 2008 for the reuse of wastewater, including effluent that is applied toward animal care and crop cultivation.”

In addition to generating the treated wastewater, the plant will produce about 900 kg per day of dried biosolids extracted from the wastewater. These also will have an agricultural application, as they can be used for soil pH stabilization and to add nutrients to the soil.