Feb 06, 2001

The Perrier Group Agrees to Acquire the Operations of Canadian Aberfoyle Springs Ltd.

The Perrier Group of America, a division of the Perrier Vittel Group, which is a subsidiary of Nestle SA, has announced The Perrier Group’s agreement to acquire Aberfoyle Springs Ltd., an Ontario, Canada-based bottler of natural spring water. The transaction will be finalized upon the approval of the Canadian regulatory authorities, which is expected to be received shortly. Perrier agreed to acquire Aberfoyle’s operations in an asset-based deal. Other terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Aberfoyle Springs manufactures and distributes bottled spring water from two plants, one in Ontario and one in British Columbia. The company, started by the Elliott family, has 169 employees and expects year 2000 revenues to reach C$ 125 million ($US 84 million). Aberfoyle is the fifth largest manufacturer of portable bottled water products in North America.
The addition of the Aberfoyle brand to the Perrier Group product portfolio will strengthen Perrier’s position in North America.

The Perrier Group is the leader in the North American bottled water market, with 1999 sales of $ 1.5 billion US. The company produces and distributes ten American brands: Poland Spring, Deer Park, Zephyrhills, Arrowhead, Calistoga, Ice Mountain, Ozarka, Oasis, Great Bear and Utopia. Five of these American brands are positioned among the top ten brands in the country. The Perrier Group also produces and distributes the Canadian brand Montclair in Canada, and imports and distributes four international spring water brands throughout the United States and Canada: Perrier, Aqua Panna, Vittel, and San Pellegrino.