Penta Water Enters Grocery Channel with Kroger

After three years of availability exclusively in health food stores, Penta water will soon be available in major grocery stores.

Penta is a patented purified water -- it has been demonstrated to have unique physical properties due to a patented process. Among other beneficial properties, Penta has been proven to hydrate more effectively and improve cell survival under adverse conditions.

Two divisions of Kroger will soon be stocking Penta water. Kroger plans to begin carrying Penta in their Cincinnati and Indianapolis KMAs beginning in late May.

Penta is working with both retailers to develop support programs to drive awareness and sell-through. Among the support tools being planned are display racks, couponing, radio advertising and sampling events.

"We are very excited about the opportunity that entering the mainstream channel presents -- not just for us, but for retailers and consumers as well," noted Jim Peters, VP of Sales for Penta. "Penta has changed the way retailers view bottled water in the health food channel by adding a Ultra Premium value added product that brings new shoppers and increases category ring and margin. Our plan is to continue to support the health food channel while simultaneously driving a successful entry into grocery. Expanding our distribution base will allow Penta to investment spend against the consumer to help awareness in both channels."

Penta is also discussing distribution with major retailers in other channels, including convenience stores and drug stores.

Penta has brought increased profitability to the water category in health food stores by increasing the category's average retail price per serving from 63 cents to 82 cents -- an increase of 30 percent.

Penta water is produced by Bio-Hydration Research Lab Inc., a San Diego-based company.

Bio-Hydration Research Lab Inc.

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