Aug 13, 2007

Pennsylvania Wastewater Spill Causes Mile-Long Fish Kill

Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Regional Director Joseph A. Feola announced that equipment failure at the MOPAC rendering plant in Franconia, Montgomery County, resulted in the release of an unknown quantity of untreated wastewater that has impacted aquatic health in the Skippack Creek.

“This release of wastewater has resulted in a fish kill throughout a mile-long section of the creek between High School Road and the Pennsylvania Turnpike,” said Feola.

A DEP water quality specialist was dispatched to the site and reported seeing an estimated 10,000 dead fish, mostly minnows.

Downstream water suppliers were notified of the impact, as well as the Montgomery County Health Department. The health department recommends that the public avoid recreational activity that involves direct contact with an impacted stream or river.

The wastewater released contained a high level of ammonia, which quickly robbed the stream of dissolved oxygen.