Mar 11, 2009

PBS&J Named in Trenchless Technology Top 50

Group recognized for its billings, staff and recent projects

Trenchless Technology recently announced the 2008 Trenchless Top 50 Design Firms and once again, PBS&J is on the list.Ken Wilson of PBS&J’s water infrastructure group said of the announcement, “PBS&J continues to be a leader in providing our clients with state-of-the-art solutions to their pipeline engineering problems while minimizing impacts to the public and our environment.”Trenchless technologies allow underground utilities to be installed with little disruption to their surroundings. This is valuable when implementing infrastructure improvements in challenging areas such as in established urban regions or environmentally sensitive locations. Essentially, a pathway is drilled or bored underground. Then, a pipeline is either pushed or pulled through the pathway. Variations of the technology include bore and jacking, directional drilling, pipe bursting and microtunneling; each accommodates different pipe materials, diameters and soil conditions.Trenchless Technology selects the top 50 firms based on overall billings and trenchless billings for the previous year, the number of trenchless professionals and the total number of trenchless projects the firm has completed in the past five years (2002 to 2007).