Mar 30, 2010

PAX Water Technologies Announces Dr. Peter S. Fiske as CEO

Fiske formerly was company’s CTO

Fiske formerly was company’s CTOPAX Water Technologies (PAX), maker of the PAX water mixer, announced Dr. Peter S. Fiske as its CEO.

Fiske has served as the company’s chief technology officer for the past two years in addition to his role as vice president for research and development for parent company, PAX Scientific. Under his leadership, PAX Scientific won a three-year $2 million advanced technology program award from the Department of Commerce to develop innovative high-efficiency mixing and water treatment technology using bio-mimicry.

“From the beginning, PWT has based its product development on sound science and innovative design,” Fiske said. “I am delighted to be leading this talented team as we develop new products for the water industry.”

Prior to joining PAX, Fiske was co-founder of RAPT Industries, a startup based on technology from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where Fiske was a staff member for six years. Fiske was CEO of the company from May 2001 to April 2004.

Fiske will present a technical session on March 31st at 9:15 a.m. at the upcoming California Nevada American Water Works Assn. Spring Conference in Hollywood, Calif., on the topic of large-scale Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling.