Paul Reiter to Assume New Role at IWA

Ger Bergkamp appointed as interim executive director

Paul Reiter, IWA’s executive director, is taking up a new strategic role within IWA to accelerate the development and implementation of IWA’s priorities. Mr. Reiter will move from his 10 years of successful leadership as executive director to take on this new role.

In this, Reiter will continue to lead a number of key strategic IWA initiatives including Cities of the Future and the important interface between IWA’s utility members and the science and research that underlie best practices worldwide.

Ger Bergkamp, who is presently the director of regions and programs, will take over the duties of executive director from Dec. 8, 2012 until a new appointment is made. The appointment of the new Executive Director is expected to be announced in March 2013.

In announcing these changes, Dr. Glen Daigger, IWA president, said the evolution in IWA’s executive leadership will help IWA to grow and evolve as the world’s leading network for water professionals. It will enable IWA to expand its capacity to deliver further on IWA’s strategic priorities connecting science, research and practice in both the developing and developed worlds.

Changes over the past few years within IWA have created an increasingly resilient organization and management system that can meet the growing demands on IWA as the leading international organization of water professionals. “I am confident that these changes will accelerate IWA’s ability to meet the water challenges of a rapidly changing planet,” says Daigger.

International Water Assn.

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