Apr 25, 2011

Parkson Corp. Officials Install Solar-Sludge Dryers in Southern U.S.

Officials say solar dryer cuts costs, increases efficiency for U.S. water treatment operators

Parkson Corp. officials have completed the startup of two solar-sludge dryers in the southern U.S. where the energy-efficient technology is helping to cut operating costs for public utilities. Parkson’s system draws 95% of its energy from the sun to dry municipal sludge.

Due to the extremely low operating costs of the technology, annual operating savings of $1 million a year may be achieved at plants compared to other alternatives like hauling and disposing of wet lagoon sludge.

“[Plants] needed a sludge drying technology that could operate with low levels of electricity, operator attention and maintenance costs, and use no chemicals,” says Biosolids Center of Excellence Leader for Parkson Michael Hill.