Mar 09, 2001

Parkson Corp. Acquires Waterlink's Separations Division

Parkson Corp., a supplier of solutions for the water and wastewater industry, has acquired the Separations Division of Waterlink, Inc., Canton, Ohio. The Separations Division, headquartered in Lake Bluff, Illinois, is a company involved in the engineering, design and manufacture of liquid/solids separation equipment.

The Separations Division’s product lines include: Hycor Products, which focus on headworks screening, conveying and washing, as well as grit and storm water management; Nordic Water Products which include continuous sand filtration, inclined plate settlers, sludge scrapers and skimmers, as well as dissolved air flotation technology; Great Lakes Environmental Products for oil/water separation, inclined plate settlers, dissolved air flotation and systems; and, Lanco Environmental Products consisting of filter presses and clarifiers.

"Combining the forces of Parkson and Separations, coupled with our recent acquisition of American Bulk Conveying (ABC), gives Parkson a much broader product offering which supports our strategic growth plans to be an industry leader in water and wastewater solutions," William Acton, President of Parkson said.