Pacific Ozone Technology Delivers 5,000th Installation

On April 28, 2006 Pacific Ozone Technology shipped out its 5,000th installation, a 6M24 Ozone Generation System imprinted with a special gold-colored tag that displayed the serial number 5000. The 10-year-old company, with over 100 standard products, is the world leader in air-cooled corona discharge ozone generators.
A company luncheon was held to celebrate the 5,000th installation, where employees new and old alike from each department recalled their involvement in the years of growth and excitement in a pioneering industry. “What was great was the sense of accomplishment that was shared by the entire Pacific Ozone family,” said Sales Administrator Chauna Romano, who joined the company in February 2005.
Pacific Ozone Technology’s products serve a wide variety of industries such as bottled water, aquaculture, laundry, cooling towers, groundwater remediation, food processing and ultrapure water for semiconductors. Each installation involves a technical application process with Pacific Ozone’s Sales and Engineering departments, sometimes requiring customized parts and features as ozone is increasingly embraced by industries looking for better and more environmentally sound technologies.
Romano has overseen and processed the last 1,500 orders—a feat that has involved fulfilling the needs of customers in every industry around the world as well as coordinating with the Sales, Quality Control and Shipping departments to ensure success for each individual order, whether the smallest experimental pilot plant generator or the largest integrated contact system for companies like Coca-Cola or Nestle.
Romano looks forward to what the next 5,000 orders will mean. “Because we are continually striving to improve, all the good work we’ve done so far will be even more powerful in our future efforts,” Romano said.
Brian Johnson, president and CEO of Pacific Ozone, said it was a proud day for the POT Team. “The next 5,000 are right around the corner because of acceleration of ozone in a wide variety of markets. We’re excited about the amazing benefits that ozone will bring to our customers in these industries and what they in turn will be doing for their communities and the world.”

Pacific Ozone Technology

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