Sep 24, 2008

Pacific Ozone Receives Green and Sustainable Business Award

Award will be presented at Oct. 16 ceremony

Pacific Ozone has been named as one of the top green and sustainable companies in the Eastern Bay Area Region by the East Bay Business Times. The company will be recognized at the Green and Sustainable Business Awards ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 16 at the Claremont Resort in Berkeley, Calif.

Pacific Ozone is one of 20 East Bay organizations that have that have either invented important green technologies or services, or implemented high-impact sustainable practices in their business operations. Pacific Ozone is being recognized for expanding the use of ozone technology through the company’s proprietary ozone reactor cell, which is the heart of all of Pacific Ozone’s generators and systems.

Ozone, the tri-atomic form of oxygen, is a very powerful oxidizer that destroys all common pathogenic organisms through natural processes of oxidation, disinfection and decomposition to divalent oxygen. Ozone is replacing traditional chemical oxidants in a growing number of industrial processes, including produce, food, beverage and dairy processing.

The disinfecting power of Pacific Ozone’s technology benefits the environment by replacing chlorine, hot water and steam in many sanitization applications. Ozone-based sanitization reduces the consumption of chemicals and water, as well as the energy required to produce hot water and steam. Ozone is listed on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s list of sustainable technologies and facilitates water reuse, minimizes water consumed for cleaning and improves low-quality source waters, all at a very low cost on a per-gallon-treated basis.

“We are very flattered to have been selected for the Green and Sustainable Business Award,” noted Chris Rombach, president of Pacific Ozone. “Ozone is a critically important clean technology that holds tremendous potential to conserve and protect scarce water resources and expand the availability of clean water to everyone on the planet.”