Apr 05, 2007

Ozone and Ultraviolet Technologies Come Together in First World Conference

For the first time, two technologies in water treatment are coming together in an historic event. The International Ozone Association (IOA) and International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) will host the World Congress on Ozone and Ultraviolet Technologies (August 27 to 29 in Los Angeles, Calif.) in an effort to demonstrate the benefits and synergy of ozone and ultraviolet technologies in a joint technical conference. This will be the 18th Ozone World Congress, and the 4th IUVA World Congress.

Ozone is a natural, oxidizing biocide that has been used in water treatment for over 100 years. Ultraviolet technology (UV) is a non-chemical, energy-based treatment process that inactivates bacteria, virus and parasitic organisms.

The IOA-IUVA Congress will feature three full days of technical papers presented by members of these communities, including workshops and forums demonstrating the latest technology and operations of Ozone and UV installations – their synergy and their practical benefits. Over 270 technical papers will be presented at the congress.

Ozone and UV have been gaining momentum and broader use over the last few decades. Both technologies are increasingly being added to municipal and industrial water treatment facilities as key steps in multi-stage treatment systems. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) is completing a large expansion that includes the addition of ozone systems at its five drinking water treatment plants, treating more than 2.5 billion gallons per day of drinking water for some 18 million people. The city of Singapore is using membrane and UV to treat their reclaimed water for conservation.

Ozone and UV are both on the EPA’s new list of best available technologies for meeting the stringent LT2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule.